Diversity and Experience with Kids at Cumberland Elementary School

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TW Bright’s Experience with Diversity and Kids at Cumberland Elementary

Hey today, I want to share with you something that is really cool. I’m actually going to take you a different page, but before I do, I want to give you a quick story behind it.

Last year I had the greatest opportunity to volunteer at one of the most awesomest schools I’ve ever been to, Cumberland Elementary School. For you all who are a part of Cumberland, I give you a shout out and I tell you, I love you guys — you guys are awesome.

When I go to this school, I started seeing kids from all different nationalities, and I’m not just talking about African-American and black. I’m talking about kids from China, from Guam, from Ethiopia, kids who speak Swahili, kids that speak all different kinds of languages, everywhere.

And I’m like, what’s this? First of all, I was actually transporting the kids, and some of the kids I was transporting couldn’t understand me. So, I’m a person who likes challenges and I was excited that I was able to do that, so I asked, could I volunteer?

I was cleared to volunteer and when I went to volunteer, one of the most awesome things happened. I saw this picture when I went into one of the classrooms, Ms. Rodriguez’s classroom, and it was this sea of different nationalities. It was probably only three different kids, three different languages that were represented in that one class at the time.

But, it was so awesome because I was thinking about at the kids and how they were able to see the world from a different light, from somewhere that not even I’ve ever seen it before.

We have kids with the Muslim hijab things, whatever they’re called to cover your head, you know, you just see people from different countries and they look different, they sound different, and they dress different. One of the things with a lot of the kids from the African nations is the boys wore pink and purple, and it was totally new to me living here in America.

I started to see that it’s really all about our perception – the way that we see things.

So, this was a great opportunity for me and I think it was a great opportunity for the children as well.

Just to see and just to know that these kids are going to be able to go anywhere and relate to anybody because of the experience they had as a little kid at school. They’re going to be able to accept people who are different than them. They’re going to be able to accept people who talk different than them and who smell different than them, because quite frankly, they’ve got some different smells too.

So, it was an awesome opportunity and it was one that I will never forget. I want to give a shout out to Ms. Rodriguez, one of the most awesomest third grade teachers, Ms. Walker, I love these two, Ms. Rusesky, the principal, and everyone else, there’s a ton of other teachers, and I can’t name them all. But, with this Vlog I wanted to share that, and I’m going to write a blog behind this as well because I think that this is something that needs to be shared.

You don’t find this every day. I don’t know if you’re political or not, if you’re on Trump’s side, if you’re on the other side, I don’t care about any of those sides.

I’m not looking at this as a political thing, I’m looking at this as something that absolutely is sharing love, caring for other people, caring for your neighbor.

Some of the things that I saw, because I had the opportunity to come back up there this year, (I just left the school), but it was such a blessing to my heart to be able to see some of the kids that I worked with last year.

There’s one kid, it was him and his brother that got on the bus, and these two kids they seemed so angry, like an angry spirit or demeanor to them, they didn’t trust people, they were mean, they used to spit, all of these different things.

As the time went past, I saw them gradually loosen up, get better, and started to trust people. And right then I said, this is such a blessing.

Because here it is, these kids are probably scared out of their minds, God knows what they’ve been through, but they’ve had the opportunity to come here to the United States of America and come to this little school called Cumberland Elementary, and their whole life is being changed from this very experience.

This year I was able to see the one gentleman as well, and he’s a totally different kid, (his brother isn’t at the school anymore), but it really blessed my heart.

He was one of the kids that, in the wintertime, we had to go and buy him clothes because he was coming with shorts on and he was out shivering.

And just to see the growth in him, and the happiness in him, it brings a lot of joy to my heart. So, this is an experience that I’ve been blessed with, I feel like I was blessed by God just to have this experience, and this is an experience that I will never let go, I will never forget, and this actually made me a better person and I am grateful for that.

I would encourage any of you to go do something like this.

I believe that you need to experience things new and experience things different because other than that we’d be stuck in our own minds and having our own understanding and ideas about things.

But, there’s a lot out there that can change your perspective, and I’m not even saying that I had the wrong perspective of illegal immigrants, or immigrants, or anything like that because I didn’t go into it with a perception at all or a perspective at all, but, I came out a better person by this.

Like I said, I want to shout out to Cumberland Elementary, you guys are great and I appreciate you and I appreciate all that you do for those kids.

I’m going to go and send you over to this other video that’s going to give you an understanding, to give you a snapshot of what they do at Cumberland, this little map that they made, this is the centerpiece in the hallway. It really just tells it all, it’s awesome.

Check out the video to see it!

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I like to hear what you guys think, so go ahead and comment, like this, and subscribe!

Take care, take charge, and God bless!

TW Bright

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